Another Urban Legend Debunked!

Can a woman really pack everything she needs for a 17 day trip to three countries in one medium-sized suitcase? NO!! Another urban legend bites the dust. I had my bag all packed an hour ago…except I didn’t have everything in it. I had to UNPACK it and start over with a bigger suitcase….oh well, who wants to go on a 17 day trip without your stuff? ha

We’re leaving early in the morning to lead our group of Christians making a pilgrimage to the holy land. No matter how many times I do this, I’m thrilled to once again experience it for the first time through their eyes. We’re going to have great adventures, AND the two of US are leaving a week early! We’re going to climb Mount Sinai and meet with God there at sunrise. Then we’re going to fly to Athens and visit the biblical sites there and in Corinth, and also visit Meteora , a mountainous region where a thousand years ago many monasteries were built into the sides of the cliffs, and are still in use. I’d love to see the Greek isles too, but we had to make a choice, and decided to go forhistory and the Bible.

Thank you Jesus for this awesome blessing!