A Little Dream Interpretation, Anybody?

I frequently have dreams where I dream I’m dreaming. Or maybe I wake up and realize I’m dreaming? I’m not sure….like this one I had last night……

I was on a road trip, going down the interstate, all by myself, pulling a big trailer with another small trailer attached to that one. I pulled off at an exit to get a snack—it looked a lot like the Quik Trip at Platte City. I got in the truck to get back on the highway, but instead of the entrance ramp, I turned into a small lane that quickly got a whole lot smaller, was hemmed in by bushes, and dead-ended abruptly. I was stuck in the woods with that rig, and the only way out was to back it up.

What a mess. I climbed out of the truck and surveyed the situation. I knew there was a way to back up a trailer–that my son Aaron knew how. It somehow involved turning your wheels the opposite way you wanted to go. But I was pulling TWO trailers. I was stumped.

I walked around for a while, trying to figure it out. And I realized I wasn’t going to get out of there without some help. So I walked out of the woods, and was thrilled to see a pack of twelve year old boys going by on bicycles. I flagged them down, asked them to come help me. They followed me into the woods. There were enough of them that I figured they could LIFT the trailers up so that I could just back the whole thing up.

It took some time to explain to the boys what we were going to do, to get everyone organized. I was in the middle of doing that when I was rudely interrupted by the realization that this was just a DREAM!—that I didn’t have to get that rig out of there after all. That made me MAD! because I’d gone to a lot of effort to sort this thing out, and I wasn’t about to go off and leave it without the satisfaction of a job well done. So I went back and started trying to hurriedly get the thing out of there, before I woke up and ruined the whole thing, but it was too late, and suddenly I found myself lying on my back in bed wondering what in the world that was all about.