The Devil’s in my Garage??

I walked into the garage today and saw my car had a flat tire. And so in anguish I cried out with a loud voice, “O God, WHY? Why has this happened to me?” Just kidding. It was pretty apparent why this had happened to me. Closer examination revealed a nail stuck in the tire. I had picked it up somewhere. It’s not the first time. I’ll have to take it in and get it fixed. Life will go on.

Sometimes horrible things DO happen. Sometimes we do cry out, “Why LORD???” And generally, all we get from God is silence. I was pondering why we hold God responsible for the big horrible things, but just generally accept the little annoyances of life, understanding it’s just part of the way things are.

Tires aren’t evil—they keep us moving. Nails aren’t evil either—they hold stuff together. They just aren’t good together. Get a grip.