Book Review–The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

I just finished this book….I’ll give it 6 stars on a 5-star scale. it was very impacting and timely. This is a story about a particularly hard time in American history, but it is also about the sometimes crushing effects of “progress”–what happens when government and everything else gets bigger and bigger and little people get destroyed and left behind. It exposes the ugliness of greed–getting rich by exploiting the poor. The prose was powerful and driving–invoked a sense of inevitability and urgency.

It also exposed the ugliness of religious fanaticism. There is a preacher who has left preaching behind in his disillusionment, but you begin to see that his struggle is a journey towards real life and truth. He came out of the certainty of his religion–he thought he’d become lost, but he was really finding his way. He came out of a religion that was devoid of life and finally begins to see the truth, awakes to true life and finds satisfaction in his God-given mission.

If you’ve seen the movie, it’s like reading the back cover of the book–not a bad introduction.

  • Christy

    Well that’s terrific. I did watch the movie years ago, the one with Henry Fonda. I don’t think Mom would have allowed to me to grow up and leave home without exposure to Steinbeck, lol. But I’ve added the book now to my list. I’ll have to read it soon. Mom’s got a book for me to read after I finish my current novel, though, _A Sacred Journey_. She really liked it and recommended it to me.

    I have the most amusing Les Mis story to tell you; however, the final chapter hasn’t been written yet . . .